If you're someone inclined toward art, you are aware by now that wooden photo frames are beautiful,Wooden crafts and also quite expensive. But what if you made one of those stunning frames for yourself and kept all the extra money rather than chucking it at the cashier?

The following are the steps to crafting a wooden picture frame for yourself. Follow these steps and you'll have a wooden picture frame built that's just as good as any store bought frame. First of all, make sure you measure the mat. The size of your artwork isn't as important - if you cut your wood according to the size of the art, you're going to end up with an overly tiny frame. Believe it or not, this step is skipped fairly frequently, or just done wrong.

Feel free to measure more than once. This is the time you want to find discrepancies in your measurements, rather than after you've already cut everything and have invested time and money into building a wooden picture frame. Buy the amount of lumber you'll need from the home improvement store nearest you and start cutting the wood. Keep those measurements from the first step in mind as you go about doing this. You're not able to undo your actions here, so make sure each piece is just right. Cut the lumber into four pieces, each a full length plus the wood's width times two.

Trim each edge to a nice forty five degree angle. When you've accomplished this step, you can assemble your wooden photo frame on a tabletop. If it's not looking perfect at this point, don't worry over much. You still have time left to sand down any imperfections that might appear. If it looks big, get your saw back out and start cutting. Sand it all down when you're through cutting. If you want your frame to be a work of art in itself, then you're going to have to put in some work with a belt sander. If you don't mind having a shaggy looking wooden rectangle, then by all means skimp on the sanding.

Glue the angled tips of the pieces together and press tight with right angle clamps. This step requires some patience, as it's going to take some time for that wood glue to bind the pieces the way you want them to. Put quite a lot of pressure on those clamps for better binding. Using a hammer, drive some V nails into each side, one facing outward and one inward. This will help keep your frame together and prevent any falling apart should your efforts with the glue prove fruitless.

Remove all the clamps and allow your Household mirror decorations frame to dry. It should be able to sit at least until tomorrow morning, at which time your wooden picture frame should be dry. This is your last shot at perfecting your picture frame, so sand off any remaining edges that are scruffy now, then apply some stain if you'd like a different color than natural wood. Wooden photo frames may be expensive in the store, but they aren't particularly expensive to make. Following the above steps will ensure that you'll make a wooden photo frame that's just as attractive as a store bought one.